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Automatic Weaving Machine For Vibrating Screen Mesh

We always focus on the design, development and production of vibrating screen mesh weaving machine for 27 years, developed a series of machines which including wire diameter 0.5~12mm full automatic and semi-automatic crimped weaving machines production line ,matched machine equipment ,and has a number of patent technology products.

Automatic vibrating screen mesh weaving machine‘s warp wires have been crimped and cut through heavy duty crimped machine then on weaving machine make a series of process crimping weft wires ,beating in ,weaving,healing finally into finished mesh.Machine readiness to start ,produce automatically , easily operation , working stable, weaved wire cloth flat and smooth , little deviation . Our  machine primary produce wire diameter 0.5-12 mm vibrating screen mesh which widely application on large mining ,coaling sieve and filtrate.

Compare to semi-automatic vibrating screen machine ,the machine can automatically crimped weft wires , beating in ,weaving ,continuous long hours working , far far improve productivity.  In addition, one set semi-auto machine operation by 2~3 persons. One full auto machine only 2 practised operators can manage 3~4 production line which improve productivity , reduce produce cost.

The machine offer higher precision better stable performance , control crimped wire dimension, reduce weaving deviation at largely so make finished mesh keep good curse shape, more flat surface and two side , no need further trim.

On operation, operator set each parameter by Touch screen.Easily learning, operator have a simple trained then manage machine.

In additional, we made test and adjust for many years , Designed machine main structure more reasonable, during working , every parts pressure more balance; By strict control produce precision of each parts make them more co-operative; performance more stable, reduce machine debug occasion, prolong life;By adopt modular design make machine structure more simple, later repair and maintainance convenience.

Our machines have put on market for long years, during working, performance perfect ,advantage for high level automation ,high precision, high productivity, produced regular wire diameter range mesh approve by lots of clients of family and oversea.

We depending on long years produce experience and client feedback during using , continuous upgrade, insist on “technological innovation “conception, always offer high quality products and professional technology service for every client.

Relying on years of production experience and customers feedback, we will insist on the “scientific and technological innovation” development concept, continue to upgrade our machines and provide customers with high quality products and technology service for every client.