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Anping County Apache Wire Mesh Machinery Manufacturers Co.,Ltd

Our company is located in “Chinese Hometown of Wire Mesh”, An-ping county.We’re a comprehensive company that includes the production of wire mesh, wire mesh machine and the wire mesh further processing. Since its establishment in 1995,our company has owned a complete set of advanced production equipments, complete production inspection system, and formed a comprehensive system of production, sales, import and export services,technical support after more than ten years of development.

Our main products:

Wire mesh machines: LF series crimped wire mesh machine, diamond wire mesh machine, light and heavy shuttleless wire machine, welded wire mesh machine, barbed wire machine, hexagonal wire mesh machine, heavy hexagonal wire mesh machine, field fence making machine, expanded mesh machine,etc.

Wire mesh: All kinds of crimped wire mesh, diamond mesh,barbed wire and further products.

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